The concept of comprehensive development of tribal hamlets is of atmost importance in addressing grass root issues and ensuring unskewed development.  It is envisaged to give thrust on overall development of unattended issues of hamlets on a case to ease basis by allocating a consolidated fund of Rs. 1 crore for each hamlet for various activities viz.  Drinking water, Electricity, Solar lighting, Link Roads, Foot path, Community centres, Anganwadies etc.

The development needs in the habitats are identified in accordance with the priorities determined by the beneficiaries, in meetings of Oorukoottams with prior notice, headed by MLAs, and MPs and representatives of three tier Panchayathiraj institutions concerned and officials including District Collector, District Planning Officer and all other district officers of line departments to be held in the habitat itself.

The scheme was started in 2013-14. During 2013-14 one Hamlet was selected in Attappady. The progress of implementation is shown below:

Year Name of Hamlet Agency Activities of work Amount sanctioned ( Lakhs) Exp.

( lakh)

2013-14 Vadakkekadampara

(Sholayar Panchayat

FIT  Aluva ·   Concrete Road

·   Irish Drain construction & 100m Drainage has been completed.

·   Compound wall around the colony

·    House Renovation

·   Water Supply, (Toilet construction) etc not completed.

65.00 63.00