The Project “Millet Village” is intended for rejuvenating the traditional tribal agriculture in selected hamlets in Attapady.  It will be implemented jointly by Agriculture Department and Scheduled Tribes Development Department.  Administrative sanction has been issued for Rs. 6.87 crore, out of  which, Rs.4.87 crore is the share of  ST Department and Rs. 2.00 crore is the share of Agricultural Department. The scheme is progressing.

Attapady is having 745 sq. km of geographical area with almost 15000 Ha of cultivation spread in Agali, Sholayar and Pudur Panchayats.  The Project area comprises of the whole Attapady, since the hamlets are staggered in all the three panchayats.  There are 192 hamlets of Irula, Muduga and Kurumba tribes.  Apart from production of Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, Vegetables and Apiculture, it is proposed to start Procurement, Processing, Packing, Labelling and Marketing of value added finished products of millets.  Hence it is proposed to implement “Millet Village” for 3 years from 2017-18 to 2019-20.

The infant mortality rate of the tribal community can be reduced by the consumption of their traditional food.  This will enable them to have a good healthy living for the tribes in general and for the pregnant women and new born in particular.  The Project will also ensure them a better standard of living.  As part of marketing, a quality branded organic product for sales in the name of ‘Attapady Organic’, there is scope in marketing through various outlets.  Ultimately, a socio-economic development of hamlets can be attained by the implementation of this Project.

Financial outlay

Funds Appropriation (in lakhs)
Year Agri.dept Total
2017-18 48.50 200.00 248.50
2018-19 231.99 231.99
2019-20 206.51 206.51
TOTAL 487.00 200 687.00